*the North West* t-shirt

Jan 25, 2003
Anyone know where to get that shirt that looks like the North Face logo, but instead it has "The North West" written on it?
Pref in Seattle.

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Thanks. That's the one. Do you know if that is the only color they've made? I thought the one I saw was royal blue with white/yellow/orange logo.
"Maybe it will grow if you water it."
You're welcome. Ummm, I guess what they have is what they have. So I assume they don't have a basic list of colors to keep in stock. When I posted the link, that was the first time I was there in like 3 months. I remember them having so much more... They don't have the white on black anymore, which is the one I have. I'm subscribed to the mailing list, but I don't remember that blue/white/yellow/orange you're talking about, though...
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I think my dude Spoon might have them at is shop on Beacon Hill too, it is next to the Beacon Market. Check him out.
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Yeah I went here last month and they had the Shirts and Hoodys, Hoody was 30$ I think.
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