Jul 8, 2005
Hey NT,

As you know there is a cure for yellowed soles. And a cure for yellowed mesh. The item is called "Bar Keepers Friend"
which re whitens the mesh. Just incase, here is the cure for yellowed soles.

The First product is called Bar Keepers Friend which removes yellow from the mesh.


In The Pic:
top jordan XI: Before
bottom jordan XI: After





Thank you to tOnerz21 for the pictures. For more details please go to page 24.

Outcome: Flatten the mesh and changed the texture

The mesh was completly restored.

And Nickthestick91 which posted this and used a product called "Sea Glow" (you can buy it here tapplastics.com )

buy it from here too:

or you can buy it here:



After Cleaning Soles (NOT USING SEA GLOW):

After Sea Glow:



Outcome: It reverse the Yellowed soles.
Nickthestick91 Posted:

I've had numerous PM's askin how to apply Sea Glow, so I'm gonna post it here.

1. Scrub soles with hot water and Ivory Bar soap using a toothbrush.
2. Dry soles completely.
3. Pour some Sea Glow onto the soles.
4. Scrub Sea Glow into the soles.
5. Place shoes so the sun is hitting the soles.

That is exactly what I did, if you don't see something in there, I didn't do it. Hope this will help everyone.

BTW, I'm not saying that this is the best way to do it, it's just the way that I did it. There are probably better ways to do it which will generate better results, so experiment and test out your own ideas too.

Nickthestick91 also said:

Like I said, It hasn't been that sunny, so if it was the summer, there would've probably been a better result.

plaguey23 posted great pictures:










plaguey23 also said:
So draw from the pictures what you will. I'm convinced SeaGlow works on areas where it can penetrate. If a new solution was created that would allow it to penetrate deep into the rubber, we would have found the immortality elixir for jay's.
Go to Page 14 for more details

plaguey23 also posted recently tested the MESH:


With a Seaglow and cleaning



DaBuddhaWitJays Posted:



now i have to say,the result is much easier to tell in person...the blue tint even seems to be coming back...these pics were taking with a camera phone,once i get a hold of a better camera i will post pics....




just applied another coat...just took some pics..(old pics on pg. 16). super icy!!!
More details goes to page 16 and 18

khughes22 posted:

i just got my shipment in and the next day it was sunny so i tested it out real quick. idk if i used it quite right, but i got results. after i applied the sea glow i left the shoe out in the sun for about 35 minutes and you could see that it had gotten clearer. these pics might not do it much justice but you can see for yourself that the left sole (one i seaglowed) is more clear than the right (didnt seaglow).

What soles originally looked like (didnt Sea Glow this shoe)

Sea Glow sole for about 35 minutes in sun


Islandgirl88 the Inventor:

As the inventor of Sea Glow, I thought you all might be interested in how it works, how it should be used, and the precautions you should take. Visit islandgirlproducts.com for more details and to order Sea Glow. Yellowing on the surface of white or clear synthetic rubber is due to surface oxidation and staining, and will be removed by Sea Glow or Island Girl Pink. However, yellowing that goes down deep into the sole is mainly due to the natural slightly yellow color of the rubber that, when new, is corrected by a flourescent "optical brightener", which eventually stops working and HAS to be activated by the small amount in UV in regular daylight. By soaking down into the rubber, the highly flourescent additives in Sea Glow will neutralize the yellowness, but only in the presence of sunlight. Once this has happened, the rubber will stay this way as long as it sees daylight every few days (sort of like a battery being charged). On solid white rubber, the Sea Glow does not need to penetrate very far at all.

I do not know whether Sea Glow will work on the netting of the shoes (probably made of nylon), but you could very carefully test a small area and find out.

On white leather, BE VERY CAREFUL since the coating on leather is sort of related to nail polish and might be removed by undiluted Sea Glow. You could, however, try as a 1:1 mixture with water, wiping off the excess.

Finally, I do not know the quality of the glue used in making sneakers. Although Sea Glow is safe on the glue used in making inflatable boats, the glue used in making sneakers may be different. DO NOT ALLOW SEA GLOW TO SOAK DOWN INTO GLUED SEAMS. JUST USE WATER TO PREVENT THIS OR TO INACTIVATE THE SEA GLOW. In any case, wipe over the surface of the shoes with water when you have finished using the Sea Glow. If you have any questions, or pictures you would like to share with us and others, attach them to an email to islandgirlproducts@mac.com. We would be glad to give all due credit to the pics if they are of sufficient quality to post on our website.

Some of the Sea Glow will be washed out of the rubber if worn in the rain, we are experimenting with a surface sealant that might be perfect to seal in the good effects of the Sea Glow. Please contact, for more information. islandgirlproducts.com

Also he/she just posted recently:

There has been some great posts here, and also some misunderstandings.
1. MESH: We have now tried Sea Glow on white mesh that is dirty, and it doesn't seem to work very well. We are going to pick up some of the powder version of bar keepers friend to try and confirm nickthestick's findings for ourselves.

2. As we expected, Sea Glow has a great effect on naturual and synthetic rubber and making it whiter. You can see this by going to our website www.islandgirlproducts.com or clicking directly on this link : homepage.mac.com/seebiski...ter39.html

3. The instructions and findings by nickthestick and Plaguey23 really show that the product has to penetrate down deep into the clear rubber to get rid of the yellow tinge. This is obviously why it works where the rubber is thinner or where there is a molded in pattern that increases the surface area for absorption. One of you guys has sent us a pair of clear soled shoes for our own tests, and we will take lots of photos and video of our results and application process. We may also try reformulating Sea Glow for faster penetration into the rubber-certainly a better idea then stabbing the soles with tiny pinpricks!

4. In the post by plaguey23 the surface yellowing in the heel area looks very similar to the sort of yellowing due to oxidation that you see onthe plastic rear windows of convertible cars. To remove this let the Sea Glow penetrate deep, it may be necessary to use a synthetic steel wool pad made out of plastic and grit or even a brass bristled brush. These are available at any hardware store. We should soon be able to test this for ourselves. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO SCRATCH THE LEATHER OR OTHER SHINY PLASTIC SURFACES!

5. Sea Glow and Island Girl Pink are VERY DIFFERENT PRODUCTS! Although they both remove dirt and surface oxidation, Sea Glow contains a conditioner that is designed to soak down into the plastic or rubber and preserve it. It also highly fluorescent and that is how it brings back the icy clear color or snowy whiteness to plastics and rubber. You should be using Sea Glow and not IG Pink for color correction.

6.LIGHT/UV RAYS: Although heat makes the Sea Glow "runnier" so that it can penetrate faster, it is the UV rays that produce the whitening, just like those teeth whitening products. You will get the effect even behind regular window glass (you can test how much UV is coming through by whether the Sea Glow "glows" when you dab a bit on the top of the white bottle cap). Any daylight will work, but as in getting a sunburn, direct sunlight is much faster. You could use a UV lamp, but BE CAREFUL TO PROTECT YOUR EYES. I thought that the idea of putting the shoes in a tanning bed was great! But I have visions of the guy wearing his shoes in the tanning bed! lol

7. We do have a MirrorHard Superglaze and Silkenseal coatings that might be suitable for patent leather, but I would need to test this myself before making any recommendation.

If anybody has any contacts with Footlocker or Nike etc. let us know. This is the only way these products will be widely available (but of course then they would have to accept their soles do deteriorate, which could be a problem).

Thank you for your time,

Dr. Anthony Willis

1. We are very grateful to a fellow Nike Talker who sent us a pair of older Nike Jordans with clear soles that have gone yellowed. Also included was a set of "as new" childrens Jordans with clear soles, with slightly yellowed soles. We are now testing with Sea Glow, taking pictures and making videos. However, since they arrived WE HAVE HAD NO SUN!!!

2. I bought a whole bunch of cleaners etc . from a local hardware store and have been testing them on white mesh on an old pair of Nikes that had become really brown. So far this is what I have found:

A) Bar Keepers Friend works exactly like Nickthestick and others have found. This product is based on oxalic acid which is well known as a bleaching agent to remove rust stains etc. from boat hulls. Interestingly, the Bar Keepers Friend was only 1/10 the cost of the stuff made for boats!!!

B) I also tried Bon Ami (Phosphorous acid based cleaner) without any real success

C) Oxiclean-no success. Oxiclean contains sodium percarbonate which works by generating hydrogen peroxide in the presence of water. Hydrogen peroxide acts like a bleach.

D) SpotMaster (solvent and detergent based)-no success

We are doing more tests, but none of these "water based" products can be expected to penetrate into the soles and change the color. We will keep you posted with pics etc. on the IG website: w.islandgirlproducts.com

FYI: Sea Glow can be used on Clear, White and most colored plastics and rubbers, especially red, blue etc. The only colors that would be changed in a wierd/unexceptable way are "earthtones"-brown or beige.

Please visit there website www.islandgirlproducts.com

Some Sole Clarification!

1. Use Sea Glow NOT IG Pink, since IG Pink is NOT fluorescent, and is NOT designed to soak into the plastic like Sea Glow is.

2. Glad to see Sea Glow working on the mesh - I sort of expected this since it works on all white plastics, but here in Hawaii we have been hampered by NO SUN!!! Just rain and floods!

3. Using what sun that was available, we confirmed that Sea Glow worked really well on the center part of the clear soles where it could penetrate deeply, but on the old shoes sent to us by one of you, the thick/patterned heel area only shows partial penetration.

4. With the permission of the shoe owner I tried the idea of using a hyperdermic syringe to inject Sea Glow slowly while drawing the needle back. The yellowing only went away in the syringe track area. Because these are not my shoes, I was afraid to try the soaking method that Plaguey used which obviously makes a lot of sense. I will try to find out what type of glue nike used or (and I do have a really old pair of non-clear soled nikes) do a test with a week or so of soaking, just to see if the glue will hold up.

5. The customer who sent us his old shoes also sent us a pair of children's shoes with clear soles that were slightly yellowed, but apparently not oxidized. These shoes showed return of the blueish tinge by just placing in sunlight, but effects were far faster by using Sea Glow. This means that (as I said once before) the new rubber would dhave contained a fluorescing agent and possibly some blue dye when it was orginally manufatured, but the effect had partially worn off, and could not work in the absence of daylight.

6. As expected, the Sea Glow will work much better on white rubber because it only has to penetrate a few thousandths of an inch. You can see this on our website www.islandgirlproducts.com and click on the movie links. Sea Glow will work on white, blue, red, and clear plastics.

7. Use of a tanning bed or "dark light" bulb is useful to more clearly see the fluorescence as it penetrates into the rubber. However, sunlight is far more powerful than a tanning bed light. For instance, here in Hawaii, at noon time one could be badly burned by the UV by sunbathing at miday. No tanning bed company would dare have that much UV and there are also different wavelenghts of UV and that of natural sunlight is far more powerful in activating the fluorescing conditioner in the Sea Glow.

8. We have noticed some people buying our CLEAR HORIZONS product together with Sea Glow and presumably they are going to use it on the surface of the soles to seal them. Be aware, however, that this product could make the soles SLIPPERY when walking on a smooth, wet surface. Although just using the shoes for a few minutes on normal pavement would "knock off" this coating on the parts contacting the underfoot surface. CLEAR HORIZONS does however, work great on computer screens and iPods to remove/prevent fingermarks and minor surface scratching!

9. We will continue to update the instructions based upon what you guys are telling us works. For detailed application instructions go to the following link: www.islandgirlproducts.com/shoes.html

Anthony Willis, Ph.D.
Island Girl Products, President

*The Reason why i posted this is because i'm kind of tired seeing people post "Help me with yellowing" or something related, if the mods in anyway can stickie this maybe to help stop the flooding of "help restore questions"

if anyone has any updates or pictures they would like to post about yellowing then please feel free too!!!

Thanks Everyone for making this post!!!
Nick - "It's never sunny in Philly."

I don't think he has an update yet. I hope.
^ Those aren't Nick's V's. I guess he's still waiting for sunlight to test it on his own kicks.
the difference in the V's isn't even that big. i mean the shoes weren't even that dirty before. i know it's been posted but where can i find the bar keepers? thanks
whoa. definetley gonna have to get me some of that
ds heineys size 10 for your 2 size 10.5/11 DMP packs. get at me
if i was a shoe, id be sellin off the rack/and i aint a kangaroo but i got ninjas on my sack
That nickthestick fool didn't do crap, it was all luigi. Those V's are LUIGI's, and luigi was the one who started the whole sea glow thing.

I was the first luigi told about the sea glow crap a long time ago when he first made a cure for yellowing post, but that piss didn't do justice to any of my shoes.

Ah yes, it was ithruXIX who introduced Bar Keepers Friend to the board.

Just to correct your "credits"

Est. 2005
Brian Collection
well i know luigi was the first one to post but idk i havent come across him in a while but i made a post about sea glow before this guy that had like 10 pages and should become a sticky
when i come through you never see my heels decked in gators,
cause i'm wearin' jordans that dropped when you were still a 2nd grader - fabolous

where can i get it
Air Jordan Collection:
I ordered Island Girl Pink on Saturday from tap platics..

"Island Girl Pink
A general purpose cleaner that can remove oxidation, adhesive, etc. from rubber, gel coat, hypalon and some painted surfaces."

full review on my VI's soles hopefully by saturday....
is there anyway to get SEA GLOW...at your local RITE AID or DUANE REED, WALGREENS, CVS, GENOVESE???
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which is the exact productr of bar keepers best friend? is it the one that looks like a can of ajax or that just in time spot remover?
Yea, that other guy (something XIX) is the person who originally introduced "bar keepers friend", I was just experimenting with it and showing the results.
Whats better tho? Bar Keepers Friend or sea glow.. and What Item is it off that Bar Keepers Friend? also do we have anymore pics?
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