**The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

Easy buddy. I think they are still in the process of transferring threads. Hopefully we didn't loose all that.
frank, I searched for the old thread, and found it. It may still be in the process of merging.
But it gave the same error it does for threads that are stuck there.
Hope it does move over here, then im sure this one will be deaded.
couldn't find the other one either..

This is what pops up..

just messaged this guy to take "yuku." off the url

I can go on there and view the whole thread, I could even get the html of each individual page but can't figure out how to get it here in a presentable way and I don't really want to copy each of the 1000+ pages if theres an easier way.
According to Methodman, he is addressing the Official Ralph Lauren Thread with the NT staff today. Hopefully they will have it up and running correctly soon. Let's all keep ou r fingers crossed.
What a shame we lost that whole thread.
But, if anybody wants the olympic polo stuff, especially the polos, hit me up.
Any promo codes? Would prefer not to spend $700 for two jackets if I don't have to... Of course, they'll probably be on sale by the time it's cold enough to actually wear them down here anyway.
nice to be back.... hope we gets things back to normal soon

but all im going to say is


if you know what i meen   ;D
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