The official Slapping thread: A new sport for real men


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Jan 12, 2013
I imagine there are many of you who haven’t heard of professional slapping. Well let me get you up to speed.

Competitive slapping as we know it seems to have originated in Russia.
The rules in Russian slapping are as follows:
- 3 rounds maximum, alternating 1 slap between the two competitors
- Clubbing or stepping during the slap = violation
- Hitting the eye, forehead, throat, ears, … is a violation. The slap must firmly hit the cheek.

First violation is a warning, second violation is disqualification. Depending on the violation, the violator’s opponent may receive an extra turn.
If no knockouts or DQs, judges decide a winner after the 3 rounds based on whoever scored more points.

Here’s a quick introduction to the Russian slapping scene, with the legendary Vasily Khamotsky:

Of course we also have American slapping.
The organization SlapFight hosts both regular slapping competitions across the US and a unique slapping series called Slap Mountain.
The rules are mostly the same as Russian slapping, except there’s often no limit to the amount of rounds.

Here’s a great introduction, with one of America’s most powerful slappers Darius The Destroyer:

Here’s also episode 1 of SlapFight’s magnum opus series: Slap Mountain

Do we have any fellow slapping enthusiasts here?
Some of my favorite heavy hitters in the slapping sport to look out for:
Wolverine (my favorite)
Darius The Destroyer
Crazy Hawaiian
Vasily “The Dumpling” Khomatsky
Big Poppa
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I've seen clips.

Do any of these turn into real fights?
Not that I've ever seen, it's often quite cordial actually. You don't really hear a ton of trashtalking about the opponents.
There's definitely been some matches where one of the competitors clearly just wanted to hurt the opponent by repeatedly clubbing but even then I've never seen that escalate.
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