The Official Wizards Off Season Thread Vol. Please Keep Bumping.

Apr 4, 2004
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Thoughts on trade rumors? McGee and fifth for third pick? I don't like it I'm pretty high up on McGee, he might finally be the one big man that wecan develop. Butler and Fifth for Amare? Don't like this either, I may be in the minority but I think Caron is our best player. Jamison isnt a 4 butI'm willing to give away Jamison or anyone buy Gil, Butler and McGee.
Where did you hear those rumors from? I'm not doubting you. I just want to know. That's crazy though... I think it's useless to move up. AfterBlake, there's really no game changers in my opinion. Then again, I haven't seen these prospects ball a lot.

I agree with you, the untouchables are Caron, Gil, and Javale. Everyone else can be moved.
I don't think Caron is all that untouchable if you ask me. He'll turn 30 next year and if Gil is healthy next year. Either Caron or Jamison are veryexpendable. If you're able to get a big time 4 for him...I'd pull that trigger in a heartbeat.
if we were to trade Caron, I would never root for the Wizards again. Seriously.

I say they hang on to the 5th pick, and draft either Harden, Evans, or Curry. Any of those guys would ultimately be better than Nick Young and DeshawnStevenson. I think Evans is going to be a star if he can hit the pro 3. I would hate to see them pass on him.
cmon man, no need to bump if theres no new info. wasting space.
caron is a really good player imo, but he's pretty much past his prime.
i think you guys should try to trade jamison for the 2nd pick, and pick rubio. move agent 0 to the 2?
I know its in the draft thread but no reason for us to be overlooked.

The Wizards have gotten at least 10 offers for the pick, but every team I spoke with still was in the dark about where it stood.
The Knicks have offered Larry Hughes for Thomas and James. The Wolves reportedly have offered Mike Miller. The Celtics would give them Ray Allen. The Rocketswould give them Tracy McGrady and Carl Landry. The Bucks would send them Richard Jefferson. The Nets would entertain unloading Vince Carter. The Suns could dosomething with Shaquille O'Neal. The Blazers could part ways with Steve Blake, Jerryd Bayless or Travis Outlaw.

at t-mac, one of my favorite players
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