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Switches were sold out through the whole Spring and Summer. I didn't see them back on shelves until October.
They popped up through the Spring and Summer multiple times. Especially on BB
I was wrong. I got the Switch Lite for my daughter on 8/7. She wanted the Pink one. The other ones (like the blue and gray) I saw on the Nintendo site.

YMMV? Probably. Not available at all in every place in the US? Sounds like you're being disingenuous. And spreading misinformation.

Am I saying PS5s tomorrow. Nah. I have no idea when there will be ample supply. Expecting it NOW in November up until Christmas. I'd say it'll be difficult especially if you don't want to play the bundle game.
In his defense, Nintendo openly admitted they had a production issue with Switches and resellers WERE going out of their way to snatch up every available Switch whenever they went up. You could cop them if you were lucky and quick enough on a restock or if a local spot had them, but that's true about any thing - consoles, sneakers, etc. - that is ravaged by bots and resellers. For example take this article from July 30:

Analysts previously predicted the console would be back in stock by summer. But now, Nintendo says it doesn't know when it will be able to catch up with demand.

"We cannot currently answer when the shortages will be resolved," Nintendo president Shuntaro Furakawa said in a recent investor call. "Console production has mostly recovered," he said, but Nintendo has been unable to get manufactured consoles onto store shelves fast enough.
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