The Roots Picnic...Questions

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Firstly I want to say that I am incredibly surprised I have yet to see a post on this. The lineup is incredible. My friend and I just got our tix a week ago and I cannot wait. I have a few questions though just so I canget a better feel for how this is going to work out:

1.) What is the venue like? It's at Festival Pier at Penn's Landing. I have never been to Philly so I don't know what to expect at all.

2.) How many people will be there? When I saw the Roots last time, it was pretty intimate which is the best for concerts. I feel like this will attract manymore people but I am not really sure...

3.) How will the 2nd stage work? My friends and I went to Lollapalooza last year, and as awesome as it was, its just frustrating when you have to choosebetween two artists you really like because they are playing at the same time on different stages. (Wilco is one of my favorite bands, but how manyoppurtunities do you get to see Rage?) I am a huge Kid Cudi fan and wouldn't mind seeing Asher Roth as well...will I probably have to miss someone on themain stage in order to see them? I wish they would just put out a schedule - my 'best-case scenario' is that I get to see both Roots sets, PublicEnemy, TV On The Radio, The Black Keys, Kid Cudi, and Asher Roth.

4.) Is anyone else going?

joe cool23

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[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]You are probably better off asking/looking on okp[/color]
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