the thread about nothing...

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I try to eat a few cereal bars but I have to make sure they have less than 200 calories, otherwise I’ll have a few celery sticks and sometimes even put them in a blender and include a little water (it must be filtered water). Finally I add 3 scoops of vanilla protein powder and begin to make a smoothie. As my smoothie is being prepared, sometimes I’ll have 2 slices of cinnamon raisin toast heating up. When the toast is ready, I’ll add a little grass fed butter.
With the ceareal bars you are essentially eating candy bars with a mask on. You might want to stay aesy from those .

I come in peace.
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whattup tan.

i've been busy these past few months, mainly making 1/12 scale basketball uniforms with my colleagues for Medicom MAFEX Michael Jordan.


i got really busy with that one that i wasnt able to make stop motion clips. but i was lucky enough to have time to make one last weekend

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My birthday was really chill.
Spent the day with my mom and my daughter.
Really enjoyed staying in. Went to church today and went to get my Covid shot today.
I’m honestly just happy to see another year of life 🥰
No need to have an over the top birthday all of the time, especially since it becomes harder to spent time with parents when your grown and busy. Happy birthday man.
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Whatever happened to that dude that used to rep Bape hard and then he would go into Supreme and say “F Supreme, I’m an ape.” Or something like that. He had a lisp and on one video he ran up on Jonah Hill and was hugging on him.
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