the thread about nothing...

My pops gonna call me Saturday and thank me for not having any children. Now Im scared to move because I KNOW he just jinxed the hell out of me. :smh:
If you think he has the power to jinx you, you can't possibly think that jinx is bound by state lines right?
how do veneers work? do folks need special cleaning to maintain them?

Nah no special cleaning. They just place a thin cover over your old tooth. About 1k per tooth. Lasts about 10 - 20 yrs.

It's ridiculous to go as pure white as Soulja tho 😝

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I’ve been watching it is what it Is every morning it’s been good way to keep up on sports and everything else they talk about plus YouTube tv is kinda expensive so this works
The last time I had one of them radios I didn’t have cable so I would listen to the Red Sox games on the radio every night and by design. the Red Sox took it all the way and won The championship that year I was like WTH lol crazy things happen with me and sports like all the time like I gotta sixth sense an imaginary friend
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