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Time for a new watch thread, old thread has run its course. Opening post will include the basics of watches, recommendation guide, collection guide, maintenance guide, brand guide, and helpful links.

Feel free to post your watches, watch related questions, or anything watch related.

Thread Rules:

+ Don’t quote posts with a bunch of images (one or two) per watch
+ Don’t ask vague questions, “What is the best watch?” --- Read the entire first post
+ Need a Recommendation, Fill out the Recommendation Quote below
+ Don’t post or discuss counterfeit watches (there are sites for that)

Need Recommendation, Fill this out:

Budget =
Style =
Finish =
Band =
Case Diameter =
Movement =
Crystal =
Water Resistance =

Basics of Watches:


Quartz = Battery operated.
Solar/Eco-Drive = Battery operated via a light source, exposure to sunlight is the best source.
Kinetic = Battery operated via wrist motion like automatics.

Automatic = Movement powered by wrist motion (and/or Hand-Winding component if included).
Mechanical = Movement powered by Hand-Winding watch’s crown (clockwise).


Sapphire = Very scratch resistant and has hardiness rating just below a diamond but more prone to shatter when struck against solid objects

Mineral = Hardened glass which is more scratch resistant than acrylic, but less than sapphire. Scratches cannot be buffed out and crystal needs to be replaced.

Acrylic = Hardened plastic that is shatter resistance but can be scratched easily which can be buffed out easily with toothpaste or polywatch.

Water Resistance:

Picture below will give you an idea of the appropriate water resistance for different watches.

View media item 874883
View media item 874884


Standard Lugs = has the option for strap changes, look for watches with even lug widths (more strap options), need a strap changer tool or screwdriver (per Panerai).

View media item 874885

Integrated Lugs = has limited to no options for strap changes outside the one provided by the manufacturer.

View media item 874886


Quartz = battery changes usually every 2-3 years
Solar/Eco-Drive = battery loss starts around 20 years but lack of sunlight power reserve will decrease battery life faster
Automatic/Mechanical = service usually recommend every 3-5 years by manufacturers or if any problems occur but regular cleaning and oiling will suffice. Cost of Service will depend on the movement, availability of parts, and complication. Usually the more complications in the watch, the more expensive the servicing will cost.

Watchwinder or Not

Some say it is best to keep the watch moving as it moves the oil around and get it moving and lubricates all the cogs and gears. It is best to let it work as intended and when it comes to watch winder, just make sure you get one that works right (I know this wasn't part of your question).

Then the other side of that argument is that moving parts will always have friction and the oil helps in that but there is still that friction and there will be wear and tear. The oils in these day and in age are also clean and pure enough that it isn't bad to just let it sit for months or years.

Most watchmakers say it is best to just let the watch sit if you aren't going use it and just wind it when you're going to use it but then again Vacheron Constantin themselves suggest using a watch winder on their automatic watches to maintain it's accuracy and prolong it's life.

Both side have very valid points and it is up to you which side you go with.

Recommendation Guide:

Before requesting advice on a potential watch purchase, please have an idea of what you are looking for. Fill out the questions below:

Budget = (Price)
Style = (Chronograph/Diver/Dress/Flieger/Pilot/Military/etc)
Finish = (Stainless Steel (Polished/Brushed), Gold-Tone, PVD/DLC)
Band = (Leather/Bracelet/Rubber)
Case Diameter = (38mm? 40mm?)
Movement = (Quartz/Solar/Kinetic/Automatic/Mechanical)
Crystal = (Sapphire/Mineral/Acrylic)
Water Resistance = (Look @ Buying Guide)

Budget =
Style =
Finish =
Band =
Case Diameter =
Movement =
Crystal =
Water Resistance =
Complications =

Collection Guide:


    • Know what you want and Plan out your purchases
    • Factor in future maintenance costs in your purchase
    • Know your resale value, usually all watches depreciate in value but more popular brands and models take less of a hit than others
    • Know the difference between Authorized Dealer (AD) and Grey Market Reseller (GM)
    • Always try to negotiate when buying from an AD and pay in cash for bigger discount
    • Do your research first before buying any watch, read reviews but be careful of overly positive reviews, no watch is perfect and therefore every watch will have a flaw
    • If buying used, buy the best condition you can afford of that watch and know its service history

Watch Collection:

There is no set number of watches a person should have. A watch collection of 3 watches should suffice with enough variety for a majority of people.

    • Everyday/Work
    • Casual/Weekend
    • Dress

Tools Recommended:

    • Spring Bar Tool

    • (Optional) Cape Cod Polishing Cloth (to restore polish finished)

    • (Optional) Scotch Brite Pad (to restore brushed finished)

Brand Guide:

Here is a quick and dirty list of brands that are regarded very highly in the watch community. Not a complete or definitive list.


Japan = Grand Seiko, Credor
Swiss = Patek Philippe, Audemars Piaget, Jaeger Le Coultre, Ulysse Nardin, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, Breguet, Zenith, Panerai,
German = A. Lange & Sohne, Muhle, D. Dornbluth & Sohne, Glashutte Original, IWC

Interesting Sites:

Watch Blog = Hodinkee, Worn & Wound, A Blog to Watch

Watch Forum = Watchuseek/Timezone UK

Shopping = Amazon, eBay, Watch Recon, Jomashop (Gray Market), Authentic Watches (Gray Market), Ashford (Gray Market)

Straps = Crown & Buckle, Panatime, Cheapest Nato Straps
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I was planning to post in the watch thread one day because I need two watches to wear to work, and that watches for noobs list is exactly what I need to point me in the right direction.
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Are Fossil watches poppin'?

I've got a couple that I rock that I like, one's a black leather strap and the other is a brown aligator strap. I rock em cause I like how they look, and cause they were gifts from years and years ago.

I don't see myself replacing them unless I go full-on the next level up.

Also, am I the only one who likes leather straps WAAAYYYY more than metal?

I know alot of dudes who would never rock a leather strap, cause then how would chicks know you got it like that?
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This thread is appreciated and will frequent.

As for I, I'm a broke graduate student so I have just two basic G-Shocks. My pops gave me his Rolex Oyster Perpetual with 2ct bezel. Dope as ****.


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very well done List and categories done by OP here. looking at the first page alone will answer many questions people will post for (hopefully
). I found the water resistance graph to be very informative. will always browse this thread
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looking for an all purpose watch.   I have about 4-5k to spend.   Whats the recommendations?
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