Their System is not Working for Us

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One of the most powerful Hip-Hop albums of all time...It's been 10 years now since this album dropped and unfortunatly we have had no one come in and fill Dead Prez shoes.

This album was 18 cuts of POWERFUL, POWERFUL music.  This is what I was talking about in the Myth/Waka thread...Shucking/Jiving drivel is fine as long as you have $%%@ like this to balance that out.  We don't have that anymore.  These kids get straight fed Soulja Boy, Gucci, Waka and all that other BS, without hearing music that makes one think critically.  Unfortunatly, we as a society don't read anymore so having music like this that cannot only be straight audio crack but highlight societal ills is more inportant than ever

Either way,

They Schools
I'ma African
Police State
Behind Enemy Lines
Mind Sex
We Want Freedom
Be Healthy
Animal in Man
You'll Find a Way
It's Bigger than Hip-Hop
The Pistol

They picked up the torch from Public Enemy and others before them in a time of heavy commercialism.  I would love to see another group pick up the torch from where DP left it.

ham city

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easily Top 25 all time.

edit: I still remember the first time I heard Hip Hop.  I was about 15 years old, changed my life.
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Not a beat nor bar wasted on here!You got me wanting to bump that right now,but i'm sleepy as hell though.*yawns*
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My favorite album of all time. I remember listening to it while zoning out in my bed. After those 4 mins of silence and Propaganda comes on...WOW!
'They Schools' really opened my eyes about a lot of !$!! in this world
I can't even put this album in words.
Originally Posted by HAM CITY

changed my life.
Joined Feb 21, 2005
My brother's friend put me onto this, whole album really started to change my musical taste completely.  I remember first time I went to a DP show, I was picturing the Hip-Hop video shook as hell...Get there and it's a bunch of whities basically
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yo i just put myself on this album yesterday. Really reflects my thinking as of late. 
although werent they signed to columbia? 

they doing sprite commercials or wat? 
Joined Sep 2, 2009
that album was like the blue pill in matrix (this and illmatic for me)... after listening to it youll never look at hiphop the same way again... it raised the bar and eveything that you hear after this seems mediocre...

and just found out from the 1st post that im missing the last 2 songs in my album DL... FTL... ima go look for those 2 joints tonight...

changed my playlist and started bumpin the album right now...
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