Things that youve done that you know you are going to heck for


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This post is inspired by my pure lazy and inconsiderate self...

Yesterday at work i had to use the restroom...just number one for inquiring minds...I was on a pretty much abandoned floor so i go into the restroom. Now typically i only like using handicapped bathrooms because i like the way the door opens. Well as i proceed to use the restroom...two seconds later i see a walker and a  foot brace appear under the stall. Now mind you there were only two stalls there anyways...I can hear her struggling and bumping all around in the stall next to me. I was so embarrassed and ashamed I tried to hurry up and get out before i she could see who the selfish culprit was.

What have you done?
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claim that i am jesus christ damn near every day. blasphemy = unforgivable sin. im also down with apostasy as well.
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