This has GOT to be a joke [PIC]

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more proof that society is going downhill... no wonder the dating game is so craptastic.
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A site for golddiggers
.....imagine how many sloppy/ugly dudes are gonna poseto be ballin and then these chicks see em and be all pissed
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I don't think thats any different than that Millionare Matchmaker show. Set me up, i have moneeeeeeey! IDC you old and uglay.
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Real talk. My ex's best friend did something similar to this and ended up spending the weekend with some 50ish overweight guy who owned a Hardee's

Dude wasn't broke but def not balling how he claimed to be. @$+# was LULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by kingofny04

NT ads never suprise me.
That's the truth, I see fake shoe advertisements on here every day..Gotta get paid somehow I guess
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Originally Posted by USA Pride4Life

Originally Posted by finnns2003

sugar daddy dating though? good lord...

I didn't even see the subtitle lmaoo

i wish i got random ads like these, i've been getting the same 'Yeezy' ad for the longest now****Ow3AEQrAIY7wEyCN2_XRTk2mHG
i see that one all the time.

sad part is a lot of these dime chicks end up trying to gold dig like this, and now even more with sites like this. it's a damn shame. smh...
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