This is classic, Some __ you might never see again. And we taxin you don't want it _ leave it then

Joined Nov 5, 2007
Can you tell me my your dog keep sniffing my car?

Huh? Got the audacity to call me a liar.
So what you got in your trunk?
Oh, just a spare tire.

This>>>>>Any of them Maybach Musics
Joined May 23, 2005
Spent mo time then I spent at the studio
gangstas paradise and I ain't talkin bout coolio
Joined Feb 29, 2004
"Big money in this $#%*+ if you didn't knew
Big business, minus the business suit!"

"Stay fresh from my top to my tennis shoes
New coupe, no top, big tennis shoes
Never slippin even on the side of a swimming pool..."

This +!%! been my ringtone for like a year and a half. Classic!

- Preciate it.
Joined Apr 4, 2009
[Rick Ross]I'm a sinner, not SatanSitting on Lorenzos and I seem really patientPicture the equationPeople taking pictures and they really getting flagrantFlagging down my spaceship, sergeant sniffing for a fragrance!Yayo! Yayo! He wanna' sniff the yayo!Flying saucer on the hasa, in the casa just to lay lowMake more money maaaaan, that's the motto for the mobNeed a blow-job - my motto, get a model for the jobGo hard, no job - hustler, no probPost up, N_ what? Finger-F_ your whole squad!Forty round extend-o, flip you for my kinfolkLuxury tax on them packs, if you didn't know (BOSS!)Bought a new crib, N_s feeling like I hid (NEVER!)3.2, but I just did it for the kids!More guns than a pawnshop (YEAH!)Got my whole arm rockedKeep the 760, double-parked in the wrong spotStill +Hustlin'+BOSS!
Whole track...
Joined Mar 21, 2008
trick daddy fell off so hard lol

Are those Bugle Boy jeans you're wearing? Hell nah ho you know they Polo
Joined Aug 28, 2008
Originally Posted by snaggykicks

anyone have a version without trick on it cause he messed it up smh

Well Damn  

But for real...his verse on this was garbage...
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