This Looks Like So Much Fun

Joined May 18, 2009
Every year, there's an event called BYOBW (Bring Your Own Big Wheel) held in San Francisco. Basically, hundreds of people bring plastic-tired bikes or whatever and race them down a steep hill (the hill changes every year.)

This year's is on Easter Sunday. Won't be able to make it this year but I'm definitely making it out to one of these eventually.
Joined Apr 28, 2007
at the dude crashing in the first few seconds of the video. Looks pretty cool tho
Joined Nov 30, 2002
I forgot people still know how to have, I wouldn't mind doing that myself.
Joined May 18, 2009
Originally Posted by 23ska909red02

Someone put in the code for a big football helmet head.

One of my favorite ones was the trash can train near the start of the vid that had like four people riding
Joined Sep 28, 2004
two musts are: pants and a helmet

some people are just risking too much at the expense of looking cool
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