This may make me look like an idiot but........

Joined Aug 9, 2005
Why am I seeing ads on NT for fake jordan websites?

Every now and again I get an ad for which sells fakes. I know NT gota make money but surely theres a line they wouldn't cross and that'dbe this one? It's kinda like hospitals having posters promoting smoking......well maybe that's a harsh comparison but you get the point.

Just curious.
Joined Jan 19, 2000
Google AdSense "reads" a site for major keywords and then tries to produce relevant advertising based on them. Since this is a sneaker site itsobviously going to find "Nike" "Sneakers" "Jordans" and such coming up the most. So it pulls any ads that match those keywords upto the ad space. Unfortunately it seems to have a store bank of fake websites that hit.
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