this shoe needs to be IDed

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hello NT, (sorry if this is in the wrong forum...
this is a picture I saw on one of my friend's FB,
I am known as a sneaker fanatic, so friends are asking me what it is, but I wasn't able to ID this, can anyone help me with it? thanks in advance

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tha is a pretty intense pic right for the name of the shoe...i have no idea lol

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The pieces with the little 3 circles on them are making me think that it's a saucony shoe but I could definately be wrong
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Originally Posted by khoshabasfinest23

The pieces with the little 3 circles on them are making me think that it's a saucony shoe but I could definately be wrong

plus there is no swoosh anywhere to say its a Nike shoe. There would be a Nike/Swoosh on the insole somewhere.


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Cant you guys tell from the Laces? lol

Just kidding...

It does seem off since there is a bag but the Foam throws it off.


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There aren't any visible swooshes because all of the compnents are face down.  I think the piece with the three circles is just half of the mesh tongue with the "X" design in the upper right-hand corner.  The air bag looks like NIKE as opposed to an imitation.   I don't ever remember a vented instep being used on a NIKE insole.  The white piece with the three red stripes directly above the half-shoe looks alot like the lace locks on the Air Max 95 but instead of forefoot Air Max, it looks like a pentagon shaped forefoot Zoom Air bag in the lower right-hand corner.  So, a white/red based colorway NIKE running shoe with a visible Max heel and encapsulated Zoom forefoot?  I searched PYS because they have a good archive of classic NIKE running, but I didn't see anything that seemed to match.  This is fun.
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this is killing me...
it kinda looks like an air max I in the beginning...
however the X shape piece with holes throws it off....
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very very interesting. there really isn't much to go off of. great picture. wish we could get a shot of the outsole. then we'd have something...
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it looks like some sort of skate shoe with all that foam and the padded tongue. Didn't Nike put "Air" in some other brand of skate shoe like Hurley or something before the whole SB thing took off?
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so my friend told me the shoe company is called Savier,
heard Nike was running Savier before it was sold to Target....
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Savier...yeah, thats it. I used to see those kings of shoes back in the day at the outlets for dirt cheap prices.
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I never knew that Nike was running Savier, weren't they just licensing the air bag
before they decided to re-establish the skateboard line?
But as for the original Nike SB (way before Savier),
it's gotta be the ones that Nike released back in the 90's with some footscape lasts (Trog and/or Snak) though.
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