Apr 20, 2006
Official Release Date - 10:00am Friday, November 24th 2006

1)First Come, First Served.
2)One Style, Per Size, Per Customer.*
*You may buy one of each style, but they must be same size.
3)We will not be holding shoes.
4)If there is a line, we expect everyone to be respectful and patient.
Lows - $109.99ea, Mids - $119.99ea, His - $119.99ea
All Three Pairs Special - $300.99
the mids will be copped~!

Wanted: [9.5]
-Gimme5 CF
All 3 for me depending on whether or not my size is still available. Here's to hoping!!
Dang! Not a huge deal because I don't buy a ton of dunks, but I probably would have picked up the lows, but the Texas-Texas A&M game is at 11:00. Tailgating/T+1>dunks. Hope everything goes well for the release and really, really appreciate yall giving NT a heads-up. Hopefully will make it down there for something soon.....Smooth
looks like theres gonna be alittle camp out in front of goodtimes...whos bringin tacos????
Copped my low mids and highs, nobody in line, in and out. You know not to tell secrets to Norm :rofl:
"Where'd you get those?"- Bobbito Garcia
man those purple highs are straight heat!!are those deadstock already???????
Listen, I was standing in line since last Fri by my lonesome. People trying to rob me and asking all sorts of favors for 25 bucks. I'm not letting these go, but for $900 I could be swayed :b
"Where'd you get those?"- Bobbito Garcia
damn it was fun kicking back with everybody copped all three pairs, way better in person.well talk to you all later im gonna go to sleep cause it was a long night. peace!
Had a great time meeting and greeting everyone. Big props to the GOODTIMES staff and owners for accomadating all. I was impressed by the commaraderie and class of everyone. I see good and big tings to come to San Anton. Happy holidays y'all and your families. Peace and may your sneakers not crease.
"Where'd you get those?"- Bobbito Garcia
I am always glad to hang out with the sneaker crew and also meet new faces. The entire Goodtimes crew and the rep were very hospitable and took care of all of us. Big ups!

I think I just need more shut eye now.

The shoes are hot for sure but my hat is off to the wonderful folks at Goodtimes who were more than accomadating to everyone in line. The hospitality they displayed was top notch and these guys are the epitome of first class customer service. I can't wait till the next one!! See you soon.
hey guys any small sizes left in the lows by any chance?? like a 7.5 or 8??

if someone could help me out and swoop me a pair that would be chill

lemme know please.....thanks
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oh damn

for sure though thanks for responding =)
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