TI arrested this morning in Arkansas...

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Possession of Vick's dogs, Big Boi's Viagra, X's crack pipe, Em's mother, and Wiz's drop...Not really... dudes out... over/under on next bid is 7 months from now...
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king back?

edit: guess so
Atlanta • Atlanta-based rapper T.I. was released Wednesday one month early from a federal prison in Arkansas where he was serving a weapons violation sentence.
The artist, whose real name is Clifford Harris, was released Wednesday morning from the Forrest City low-security prison, said Bureau of Prisons spokesman Chris Burke. His attorney Jonathan Leonard confirmed T.I. was released but did not immediately say where his client was going.

The rapper had been sentenced to 11 months in prison in October for breaking his federal probation after he was arrested in Los Angeles on drug charges. He had been set for release at the end of September.

It was T.I.’s second stint in the Arkansas prison. He served about seven months there in 2009 after he was arrested in 2007 for trying to buy unregistered guns and silencers from undercover federal agents. That came after Harris’ best friend was killed following a post-performance party in Cincinnati in 2006. The rapper has said the bullets that killed his friend were meant for him.

When he was released from that sentence, he was required to perform 1,000 hours of community service, which he spent mostly talking with schoolchildren about the dangers of drugs, gangs and violence. He was also ordered not to commit another crime while on supervised release, or to illegally possess a controlled substance.

But a federal judge said that “experiment
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Isn't it embarrassing that you have two redemption shows on two different channels within a year and a half?

It's like a season 2
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Op,how bout u change the title

Hope this man can stay outta trouble and make wiser decisions. He got alotta people depending on him I don't think he will forget that this time. He prolly lost alot of the fans n support he once had...I still wanna see him win tho.


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When I read the thread title I was like "This @@*!# just came out today."

Nice bait and switch OP.

Looking forward to season 2 of Road to Redemption.


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Originally Posted by Definition Of Dopeness

Tip on the Ima Boss remix?! He's gonna murk that !$%#@. Glad he's home, hopefully he stays out...
where did you get this from.
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