Tiffany High and Red Supreme

Dec 16, 2004
Yeah yeah, its been seen before from others but my turn at the tiffanys. And for the heck of it, I'll throw in some supreme lows.

thanks for all the comments but believe me, the croc is glossy, pics taken in bad lighting, when light hits, these baby gloss! lol

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little light on the tif swoosh. no silvery.

supremes on point though i like.
(i pickup for you on RD)
FireRed III: 180shipped
Flip III: 200shipped

CG III 8: 185shipped
AJV's Olives 8.5: 180
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both are looking pretty good!
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please, catch another."

fall out boy
wow how did you do those croc-like leathers? great job!
sig is overrated. At least until i come up with something good
wanna do a sneaker expo in philly on April 11th? if so email me @ need more custom sneakerheads, but i was just bout to ID some dunk hi tiffs
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Damn, damn, damn...those supreme lows are pretty!
It's my d!@& in a box​
Go Sabres!
Lets go Buf-fa-lo!
i likes. :pimp:
He's havin heaven on earth, will his wings still fit him?
i want the supreme much will it cost for u to do a sz 11.5 for low orange supreme
Could of atleast do some sample Surpreme Dunks with the Nike swooshes.

Naw man good stuff. Keep it up :pimp:
"Team Photoshop, Step up your layers!!!"Tap*Tap*Pull...Gimmie Some!!
Holy...nice job
Press Alt+F4
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what was your base dunks for the tiffs and did u use a wood burner...great work those arre to sick
well those are nice but remember EVERYONE-these are not real nike dunks. notice the heel is raise dead center in the back, check out your dunks you have on (unless you got fakes too), they are NOT raise in the back.

* just some friendly advise *
What are you guys talking about?

how are thoose dunks fake....

they are customs.

and dope at that.
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