Tiger Electronic Handheld Appreciation and Double AA's

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The retro gaming thread sent me down memory lane, and I started thinking about some of the other toys I played with as a kid namely Tiger Electronic Handhelds. I know I wasn't the only one.  These things were like $15- $20 bucks a piece. Here were some of my favorites. What about everyone else?
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game and watch>

i had "tropical fish" on game and watch. apparently its super rare. selling on ebay for 600$
gonna dig through some old stuff :lol:
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All these joints are the same game though. :lol:

My Jurassic Park joint tho >
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i had the x-men one with wolverine versus magneto and i had the bartman one. i also had the Ninja Turtles one the OP posted good times :smokin :smokin :smokin
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