Time to clean out my Golf bag... Good places for new clubs?

Joined Jan 3, 2004
Not trying to spend a ton of money, just trying to get some good quality clubs new or used to replace these garbage Dunlop Irons and Putter I have...

Happy with my Cobra driver for now... but Ive seen some good package deals on ebay in the 400-500 range for a full set used but good shape.

Anyone know of some good sites that has quality/legit golf clubs for cheap?
Joined Oct 12, 2008
ebay is your best bet.

i pretty much have all titleist clubs and bought them all off of ebay
Joined Feb 12, 2003
Originally Posted by Bastitch

I still have garbage clubs to go with my garbage game.
I can't wait to see this.

Edit -

I used Craigslist before to get a driver and 3-wood.  I bought my old titleist clubs off of eBay years ago. Dude dropped them off at my house in lieu of shipping.
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