TimeShare HALP

Joined Oct 24, 2007
Has anyone ever sold one ? Im trying to help my mother out and everything I research seems like a scam....Anyone have any recommendations or experience with this ??? We own three different properties and would like to get rid of them all.
Joined May 25, 2001
Man there's timeshare lawyers who specialize in this. I wish I had the commercial so I could get the number but he promises he can get it cancelled or no payment. Funny thing is, I had one and I just stopped paying. It's not on my credit anywhere or any history of it, so maybe they aren't allowed to negatively report or anything anymore. The laws around them have changed significantly so yea just consult with an expert, but again I promise you I haven't heard from Welk for cancelling.

Also, you can usually sell through the company you own it with, or at the least sell your weeks and get back even on them.

Good luck though
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