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Aug 2, 2006
anybody been to this place? I was reading about it in Envy magazine. It said it was downtown so i wanted to hear some feedback on it before I try to find it and parking and stuff.

It's some sort of clothing shop.

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i've stopped by. it's got the feel of like PEG up in dallas. just like kadoma said. more of a lifestyle store than a sneaker shop. hope the store does well though. it'll add to downtown's retail business appeal.

no nike account so don't expect your typical hypebeast stuff. stop in to get your grown man/casual friday sneaker needs.

heard about this place like a yr ago or so...
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i aint up on things like u homie. i only know whats published in the magazines. jk. im gonna try to run by there on monday and report back

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stopped by on monday after the summit. the place is clean & simple. Bright white walls w/art & tshirts hanging. the sneaker shelves are inset into the walls making it look smooth & spacious for a small place. spent about an hour talking to thomas & chris, down to earth ppls.

they had a few SBs for the nike heads and other usual susupects, streetwear brands adidas converse ect...defenitely worth checking it
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Very nice place and the prices are very reasonable. Thomas is a cool dude, it's always good to make good customer relationships and he is right on track!
AND A LIL INFO: they are in the final processes of acquiring their KIDROBOT, nike SB(retail) and STAPLE Design accounts, it was like music to my ears....
Stopped by and copped a tee a few weeks ago. Cool people/place.
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any new info on the store? i just got back from military duty in Korea and read about this in ENVY... anyone been recently?
went about a two months ago. they had some nikesb and adidas, but haven't gone recently.
I stopped by for a minute w Brawnz last Friday before hitting up The Grab for the Texas Skate Jam Pre-Party.
They had a party collab with Boy-Cott Magazine and Frank151 celebrating Dia De Los Meurtos.
The decorations were on point, and the booze was flowin.
The DJ was bumpin, and I had a good time the short while I was there.

They moved a lot of stuff out of the way for the party, but I did notice lots of Pumas, and some Nike SBs.

Definitely worth checking out if your in the area.

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