Tired of posts being locked and getting warned for cursing?

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Dec 8, 1999
I know that many of you have been complaining about the number of locked posts, while others are complaining at the number of "useless" posts on NikeTalk. Unfortunately, no matter what we do there will never be a shortage of complaints. However, this doesn't mean that the NikeTalk experience can't be improved to everyone's liking.

Recently, many users have failed to learn and follow the NikeTalk rules, and that's something we intend to change.

In an effort to improve the quality of NikeTalk, we've added another mod to our team (mrplump), and the entire administrative staff is going to start clamping down on inappropriate posts and rule violations.

Now would be a good time to check out the NikeTalk rules.

Until the vast majority of users can demonstrate an understanding of the rules, expect to see locked posts, warnings, and even a few bans. We're not about to let the integrity of the rules slide due to a lack of enforcement.

We anticipate and appreciate your cooperation, and with everyone's help we can get NikeTalk back to where it should be.

ya it's interesting that we complain about useless posts and then we complain about posts being locked too, I hope this helps
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Thanks. I look forward to a more strictly moderated board. I appreciate the crackdown on violations.

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What's up guys. Just wanted to to thank the adminstration for naming me a moderator. I'll do my best to help keep NT in check.

To the members of NT, i'm going to be the same ol mrplump. I just have a job to do now. If anyone needs to get in contact with me, or has a problem with me, hit me up at plumpjc@aol.com

Continue to have fun, talk kicks, and most importantly, please respect each other.

Thanks. :wink:


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Would DELETING the post be a better idea?
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ya i agree, before u guyz used to delete posts, now u lock them, but i have a few suggestions on how to improve the board

1) Put a code that does not allow new members to post messages until after a month of the joining date. This way, the newbies wont be new and will know how the board works and hopefully wont ask for foolish info.

2) Be completely fair when banning people. 23mr45 should not have been banned the way he did, the way I see it, each person should get one warning and people with this shall actually be remembered and saved, everyone has an occasional slip up once in a while, so if they have more than one in the course of 3 months, then they should be banned, and they should be put on probation or something, not allowed to post for a week, next time the consequences are permanent, or for a year

3) Become more specific with rules

The reason why Niketalk is slipping nowadays, is because there is not that much information on it currently. When the board was doing a lot better, it saw pictures such as hyperflights, zens, snakes, grey xi's, rare shoes, the only ones i see now are the penny fp's and the official nike pic of zens, and we also saw good pics of fp3's, but nothing new is coming, this may build up frustration, niketalk will improve by itself when:

Kids go back to school

More models are seens, and when the III's and I's come out, we have something to talk about, right now the sneaker biz is going through a slump for collectors, and fewer people on the board are true fans
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this is just gay ! whys everyone worried about swearing ? do swear when your friends and at the park ballin or just chillin? EXACTLY < the answert is yes so whats the big deal with not being able to swear on the net? hows it gonna be a better place? ITS NOT! its just a message board and you all make it seem like its life and its not! so just lay off all the swearing rules and stuff cuz if ya dont than i dont wanna ghar ya swearing off the net. its not gonna make a diffene either way. you guys make it seem like day care were you watch over are rights to post! HAVE A NICE DAY :smile:

Yes, it DOES make a difference. Maybe not to you, but those that know me personally know that I don't swear that often, and I don't want to make it a habit of swearing just for the sake of swearing. You also have to remember the fact that the average age on this board is around 16-18, and the youngest i've seen is 11. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with swearing, but to other people it can be offensive and whatnot.

So let's just try to keep it clean, huh guys?

look, jwill, look at the BIG picture, how would YOU feel if someone was cussing in front of your 10, 11, 12 or 13 year old child???
please, think of someone other than yourself sometimes
i dont know if im ecstatic or ludicrous...
how are peoples swearing in front of your 11,12,13 yar old chilD? do they likel sit with you when you look at it ? I DONT THINK SO so whats it matter if were the only ones who see it . its called the freedom of speech . and i agree somepeople dont like to hear it but yet its the same people i see posting abut how they just got the new d-12 cd which is almost all swearing . explain please .
The rules aren't gonna change. What is the point of swearing?
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It's not exactly that easy to just ignore that kind of language on the board...Each post does not get supplied with a 'parental advisory' label on the front page to determine what post has tolerable use of language and which ones don't.

So to make things easy and simple..just follow the rules of no cussing/swearing.

With the wide range of age groups we have here on Niketalk, the admins/mods can't act as the parent EVERYTIME. I mean what if an 11 year old kid was reading a post which he thinks is an informative post but some knucklehead has it cluttered up with curse words and garbage....Then, lets just say the 11 yr old's parent comes strollin up behind him as he's reading that...mmm, not a good site if I were that kid....

So you can't just look at things like everybody has the right to free speech and people can ignore things if they want. Just follow the simple guidlines that have been set forth by the guys up above, and everybody stays happy. :smile:
my teacher once said...

"people use curse words when they dont have anything INTELLIGENT to say..."
i dont know if im ecstatic or ludicrous...
lol mr plump you reminded me of jerry springer at the end of his shows when he says "Take care of yourself and others....."

And Jwill, those are the rules of the board...if you don't like them go make a ****** flame board like the others out there. You come here for the best news and respect...swearing doesn't help achieve that...
Jwill6955, yeah swearing is free speech, but you have to remember this is a private board not a public board. You follow the rules and you'll be just fine. Posting on NikeTalk is a privilege not a right.

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Meth PAYS the bills and keeps it running so don't give him any crap about how he wants it run. Not ridin' just go to niketalk2 if you wanna talk trash.

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Hey Fickle, from what I've seen on Nikebite 2, you're not allowed to ask probing questions there either. The administration seems to be pretty thin-skinned about the lack (meaning zero) of info posted there.

A good point was brought up earlier that this is not a public board, but a private board that invites shoefreaks. If you've contributed a single penny to the operation of this board, then you have a right to have a say in how it runs. Since we all know that 99.999% of you haven't contributed any monies whatsoever, please be courteous enough to abide by the Rules of Conduct.

Niketalk thanks you for your support......

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djmrsulu, you seem kinda "snappy" today...

Anyway, I think this should be archived. Since we're in a dry spell right now in terms of info, we should archive some...(how should I put this?)...further description of the rules.

What happens if not all of us can contribute financially to the board? I have other things to save money for, even though I would like to spend it on NT and shoes.
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