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May 17, 2007
Planning to buy today the Adidas T-Mac V, it's on sale at 70% off... I just want to ask its performance... Is it good for ballin'? Was there any bad experience on the shoes, performance wise and the shoe itself (the product)? Thanks a lot...

Sorry for the wrong Topic...
the tmac 5 is a solid sneaker. the fit is great, the cushioning is spot on- everything about the shoe is excellent. they are still, after all this time, thenumber one shoe in my rotation.
Saw the V's last last week at My Shoe Rack SM North - It's on sale before All Saints Day P2,4++... 70% off!
I had mine, and I really liked them, but I gave mine aways, I had the real nice black suede and red ones too, but my cousin didnt have kicks and he reallyliked my Tmacs so I gave them to him, they were very very very very very very near dead stock too
I liked the tmac v's but they were on the heavy side. personally, ventilation, traction (outdoor), fit, and overall comfort were great. ankle support isalso solid.
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