to all SoCal NT'ers...i'm throwing a Wiz Khalifa/Fashawn show May 7th in SD...presale SOLD OUT!!!

Joined Oct 1, 2006
and it would be HIGHLY appreciated if as many of you as possible could make it's at the Epicentre in Mira Mesa, and should be CRAZY...two XXL Freshmen in one night for $15...gonna be DOPE.

I know there's a few NT'ers that are already going...

The afterparty is gonna be
as well, and of course any NT'ers that come out will be invited to that...

Let me know what you guys think!

EDIT - All presale tix SOLD OUT...tix WILL be available at the door for $20, otherwise i will do my best to get everyone in...

NT's own DJ Dead Serious will be spinning for Goldsmith, gonna be
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Count me in +2 for this..... I can easily get u like 10 more tickets sold as well...hit me up when you put up that link.
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and appreciate the support from everyone! gonna be a CRAZY night, especially if we can get a Summit going

I'll post the ticket link once it's up...
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Originally Posted by duckdafraft

hope theres a right male:female ratio
lotta females already telling me they're going
was actually kind of surprised, didn't know girls #$%%*$ with Wiz like that
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Originally Posted by i LyricaLJKilla i

Might have to come out for this.
Come through man! it's no GITDT but it's gonna be dope
Red Berry Ciroc will definitely be making an appearance at the afterparty
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not to sound like a party pooper, but careful with the parking lot drinking and smoking. Epicentre is right next to a police station. Had my share of run-ins at that spot back in my college days. Good times and good luck with the show.
Joined Jul 1, 2005
^^ LOL, ive got a similar story with the epicentre PD haha.

PJ, why you go doing dope shows after I move across the country'?
Joined Oct 1, 2006
Haven't been to a show at Epicentre in a couple years, since last time i did an event there...but i've experience no problems or heard of any from that RSVP "police" over there...

Tickets onsale FRIDAY by the boy will be going back up to LA this weekend so let me guys know how many tix you want and i will send them up with him...

APPRECIATE the support though as always
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