To the few BIRMINGHAM, AL NTers....Grapes?


Mar 20, 2002
Aight, so I'm here in Huntsville. To my knowledge, no stores here will be getting the Grapes. Maybe City Gear, but they didn't know anything when I went in there a few days ago.

Anyone know any spots in Birmingham that get L'Style releases? I will drive there in a tornado, at 1 in the morning, then campout for these. I NEED these. School me my fellow AL NTers. Thanks!
A T L i e n s​
Yeah, it would be nice if the Grapes were as widely available as the Militaries were. I could only wish.

city gear, possibly man of fashion, and MAYBE an "urban" hibett or sports addition(theres one in birmingham, another in tuscaloosa)
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im sick of yall dudes on here, this aint manilatalk.
Not in B'ham but I was told thtat City Gear in Mobile was gonna getem. Gonna call tomorrow and find out.
I heard City Gear in B'ham is definitely getting them, although it should be next to impossible to get them. Get there early if you're gonna go!!
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