******************tommorow ~ SNEAKER PIMPS ATL ~ whos going?

Jul 8, 2003
Just trying to get an idea of the turnout b4 i make a 3 hour drive to the A.

AIM is joerdan23tn get at me or inbox me.

Thats wussup
Joerdan23~King of TN
Doing our thing in the worst state for collecting since 2002!!!​

check my footwork

Sizes 10.5-11Nike Air Force 1 Low Vibe
Nike Air Force 1 Low Linen
Nike Air Force 1 High Head Automatica

the footwork project
I just found out about it today when I stopped by Prestigious. I hope I can make it, but it looks like a negative right now for me.
i dont wanna be fooled by tha flyer...there will be bitties rite??
WesCo Fresco
~Best Dressed, Dress Fresh, Oh Yes, YES Y'ALL!!!~
-I NEED DS sz10-12 PENNY 3s-​

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