Tony "Brett Favre Slurpin" Kornheiser gone from MNF, Gruden replaces

Jan 28, 2003
Thank you ESPN.
And we'll get to go through this yet again next year after Gruden takes another NFL job

I think ESPN keeps doin this stuff to stay in the news. We know this will be all over talk radio this week. Then they'll do it again next year when theyhire Brett Favre.
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Go from a Favre slurpin' commentator to a just a QB slurpin' commentator.

Basically. Chucky had at least 13 QB's on roster every season.
Finally. I like Tony on PTI but he was the second worst Monday night football analyst ever behind Dennis Miller.
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Good +%* move tho when he was on durning the draft gruden was sharp

Yeah, I think Gruden will surprise people...he might be like Jaws (lite version).
I dont think Gruden is much of an improvement in any way shape or form. I think people are just happy that Tony is gone, but look at who they are replacinghim with. Plus, Gruden doesn't strike me as the type of person with the personality to do well in TV.
^Sunday Night Football on ESPN was PERFECT...there was no reason to !$!! with that formula.
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