Top 5 Things to do / see in the PI

Aug 8, 2006
I'm taking my girlfriend to the PI in October and I have a few questions about things I should do or sights I should see while we're there. The last time I was in the PI was about 15 years ago so I assume a lot has changed.

Yes, I have family there but, I want to keep this trip on the DL because I won't be able to go anywhere since it would be breakfast,lunch and dinner and the relatives house every night. I'm going to let them know I'm town with about 3 days left in my trip and I figure it will be strictly family type events until my departure date.

I'm going to be staying in Makati and would like to know which Hotel would be good to stay at but, isn't overpriced.

Thank you my fellow pinoy's & pinay's for any advice or suggestions you might have! :wink:
Yea, I figured most hotels wouldb be a little pricey with that said how much is Condotel per night? I kinda like to be in the middle of everything just because it's easier to get around.
I just checked their website and seems to be a great place to stay. Thanks kingcrux31, any suggestions where to take my girlfriend? Of course, she loves to shop but where to shop is the might be a better question.
then you might as well check out rockwell powerplant mall if you want a mall that is not crowded
Thanks for all the info. Can you walk to these places from the Condotel or taxi? I figure taking a taxi wouldn't be too expensive. right?
^ yup , walking is fine if you're only going to glorietta/greenbelt mall from prince plaza II .

but you need to take a cab when visiting rockwell powerplant mall .
How long will you be staying here in the PI? If you have time, try to get out of the city. Bring your girl to Tagaytay and see Taal Volcano, or maybe you can even go to Puerto Galera (which is nearer compared to Boracay). Of course, the #1 thing to do here is to eat! Try all the tasty Filipino dishes. Am sure most of them can be bought in the US, but nothing beats true Pinoy cooking with real Pinoy ingredients!

Halo-halo!! Palabok!!


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
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lol halo-halo my favorite dessert! Yes, we'll be there 10 days but, I figure only 7 days of just my girlfriend and myself. The other 3 days will have to be visiting aunts,uncles and cousins. I can't wait to eat fresh mangos! The ones here in the states are nothing compared to those in the PI.
Thanks for all the advice in response to my thread. I just got back from the PI and most definitely going back in December. I think I'll bring my girlfriend to meet the relatives this time. I actually stayed at Prince Plaza and had a GREAT time. I guess it's time to work some overtime so I can have enough $$$ when I bring my girlfriend cuz she loves to shop and I know she'll go crazy over there.

Thank Again for all your help!!!!
eat the fishballs at the won't be dissapointed lol
Nick Young is that dude​
Yea, go to Puerto. White Beach specifically, if you like to stay up all nite and stuff... Or Tamaraw if you want to be somewat more relaxed...
Go hang out with the gays (THATS THE TERM) at Mikos bar.
Thats the only bar I drink at over there. Friends with everyone, so yea.
I miss Puerto. *UCK. Havent been there since Holy Week.

Holy Week SUCKS!

Malls -
Shangri La

Every other mall is the same. Those 4 are pretty much the same as well, but watever. At least theyre not all next door like Shangri La, Megamall, Robinsons, etc etc.

If you like Reggae, theres Xymaca. A lot of local/popular bands play. Its nice and cozy. Esp if you love reggae.

Decades sucks. Almost got in a few fights there.

Havent been to Embassy.

And blah blah blah...

"lets put it this way...i am so out of your league....if your league were to explode i would not hear that explosion for another three days"
cant wait til i go to pi next year any suggestions what i should ther?? besides shoot off fire works from my roof?? are ther any shoe stores that sell authentic shoes?? nikes?? sbs?? jordans?? cuz wen i went last year i bought a autographed jordan jersey it shrunk wen i dry cleaned it and the autograph was fake lol i feel so stupid
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