Toronto Raptors Off-Season thread (vol. Goodbye Christopher)...

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The bright spots of this season were Sonny Weems, DeRozan showing potential, Jarret Jack and getting to keep our 1st rounder in June. On the flip side, Calderon and Hedo were horrible, Bargnani did not improve as expected, Triano emphasized how horrible a coach he was and Bosh is on his way out.

Who I expect to return next season:
-Hedo (difficult to trade his contract)
-Weems (Raps will pick up their option on him)
-Calderon (difficult to trade his contract)

-Amir Johnson

Trade bait:
-Evans (expiring contract in 2010/11)
-Banks (expiring contract in 2010/11)
-Belinelli (expiring contract in 2010/11)

It's not all doom and gloom my fellow Craptor fans. Triano will be fired, we'll get something out of return for trading Bosh, we'll have our 1st round pick...we'll likely be a horrible team next season but we'll likely get another lottery pick AND we'll have significant cap room thanks to the expiring contracts that'll be coming off the books in the summer of 2011.
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Originally Posted by Osh Kosh Bosh

What do I do a about my username, i should get a new sn.

Switch back to my Andrea 3000.
I suggest you retire from NT period.


So what do we do with our lottery pick? If Colangelo trades it...
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I wish the NBA Lottery was a real lottery like it used to be not a weighted lottery that way a team like Toronto could get a John Wall.
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Seriously, Bosh leaving won't be that bad if we can get something in return. This put Bargs at the 4 and maybe we can go out and find a defensive big. It's obvious Barg can play face up defense, playing the 5 entails him to help a lot on the weak side its his rotational defense that he lacks a clue. It's also obvious that he shows the potential that he can grab boards when he put his mind into it. We're stuck with Turk for obvious reason, but I think Caldy's contract can be moved if management decide to. Pretty on point at what you said about the rest of the guys staying/leaving. 

Btwn, what happened to your TEAM NYK sig 
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Originally Posted by PharelFor3

yep. Good luck getting Wall/anyone good
Deja Vu on Bargnani year (we had a pretty low chance of getting the overall pick that year)

and hope this time we dont F it up

I think Wright and Johnson is staying.

who do I want out of this team desparately? OBryant and Evans


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Nothing to say really, sucks that Bosh is gone and we have a few bad contracts. I do want Weems, Wright, Belli (2 of those 3) along with Evans & Jack to stay.
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Isnt our 12th pick owned by Miami via the O'Neal/Matrix trade?

And agreed, if Bosh is gone, I think that Amir should still be in the fold.

Sign and trade is the only option that BC should be looking at right now. Gotta get something in return, and you know teams are willing to give something up to get CB.

Bosh for Kobe. Do it Mitch.

... But in all seriousness... If BC is still with the team, I dont see Jay getting fired. I think they are going to ride it out one more year with him. Its just that if we are going to continue to try and build teams like Euro ball (ex now with Andrea, Belly, JJ, and Jose being our big name guys), we have to have a coach that can use them. Im not saying Jay is or isnt that guy, but I just see BC giving him more of a chance.

We just need one thing... DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE. Evans being back for a full year will help. But still, too many games we gave up a ******ed amount of points. Games like the Hawks, Nuggets, etc... Cant happen.

And now, the wait until the trade/free agency move actually happens. Anxious few more months it will be from this point on...
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Originally Posted by MrONegative

Originally Posted by quik1987

Why would we let Amir Johnson go? Young, cheap, talented, and has potential.
Yea, isn't he like the future of your team:?
Nice. Wise guy made a joke. Man, was that hillarious.  
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