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May 21, 2006
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I'm going to be visiting Toronto from March 5th-10th and I was wondering if anybody could let me know about any good sneaker/clothing spots to visit? Also, I'm 19 and I was wondering if there are any cool places for people my age to hang out like clubs, bars, etc. Thanks in advance for any possible help.
Goodfoot (richmond just west of spadina ave), Da Zone (queen and augusta), Nike on bloor (bloor and just west of bellair ave).

depends what music you are into, richmond street or king street are for the clubs primarily.
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dog, the legal age here is 19, you're getting into any club over here....

If you're looking for heat, there's Goodfoot and DaZone...if ur from the states, you'll be able to cop a lot of the jordans that are sold out down there at any of the foolockers and champs.

There's Adrift too (if ur into sbs and other skate s1t)...which is on College/Augusta....your best bet is to walk along queen st. from Bloor to University, you'll find some nice shops, that's also where the club district is.

Fly girls are at Eaton Center which is at Younge/Bloor, heart of downtown, basically, all the good **** happens downtown.
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bobbyanalog, prolly around $300, why?

miguelfrancis, whats the 80 dollar special?
If you're into a drunk, more mature crowd, THE SOCIAL is always bangin'. It's a little west of Queen/Bathurst past the Spin Gallery. Look it up.. usually the cover is very cheap, lots of hot girls and the dancefloor is always pretty wild.

More upbeat, dance kinds of music, though.
Fly girls are at Eaton Center which is at Younge/Bloor

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Milhouse Van, my bad, younge and dundas lol...

You'll find some fly girls at Eaton Center during the weekend.
looking for the following in a size 12/13 - Hawaii Dunks, Black Spizike's
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