TORONTO - Things to do there?

Oct 1, 2005
I might be going to the Toronto area some time this summer for a week and wanna know what kinda stuff there is to do there.

I been there once in high school and I was too young to do anything. I'm 21 btw.

I'm gonna be staying with some cousins in Mississauga.

what's crackin in Toronto?
Check the first page of Toronto's Outlet Store report. They list the main stores for gear and kicks.
Our primary heavy hitters in TO are: Livestock, Goodfoot and GF's Nomad and Ransom which are all in a small radius of each other. Just apply the the typical, start at Eaton Centre and walk west along Queen St. till you get to the heavy hitters at Spadina.
If your looking to be balling, the Yorkville houses more fashion.

Not too informed about the clubbing scene. I don't know if you saw that thread, but if you in to that Asian Girl Trend Craze, you can hit the Docks. :lol:
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How far Mississauga is from United Front? I'll be visiting some family there in August.
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If you're looking to jam in sauga there is Failtes and Enfield Fox right by Square One which is the big mall in there.
Also Body English, a club at Dixie and Eglinton.

In Toronto theres too much to do. Just tell your cousins to take you there and they'll know spots. Plenty of entertainment and sneaker spots.
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I'll be going to Mississauga and have looked up the public transportation system...and might I add, that the fares are expensive as hell!

I go almost every summer, but this time, I'm just going to go around by myself in the bus/train to downtown Toronto and whatnot, hopefully go to the Rogers Centre and check out a Jays game.

For those that know, are "GO" fares different from the inner city fares (i.e. Mississauga transit, Toronto transit, etc)? If so, that's a chunk of money just going to fares. I'll only be going downtown several times, so a week pass is no good for me, and paying daily fares is still a lot, a lose-lose situation for me.
yea go fares are all different. public transportation around the GTA is the stupidest @#%$ alive. there is no universal fare nor card you can use. you have to buy go transit, TTC and mississauga transit fares. However for mississauga transit if you are travelling from a go transit station and transferring onto a mississauga transit or vice versa you can pay 50 cents.

if you don't want to take the GO you can also take a bus from square one all the way to islington subway. From islington subway it takes around 25 minutes to get to downtown Toronto.
^How does that transfer thing work, when you transfer from a 'GO!' transit station to a Mississauga transit bus and only pay 50 cents?
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