Toys R Us at the Northgate Mall.....

Jul 27, 2006
has like 10 PS3's or so as of today at 3 PM. I Purchased 2.
Cold, Wet, Hungry, Need Help..... Please Send Nikes​
Yea they have em at Gamestop in Alderwood Mall I hear as well.
Cold, Wet, Hungry, Need Help..... Please Send Nikes​
thats crazy how much $$$ people were making at first. and even crazier how the mentally challenged camped for days for these. now they can be had at retail or a few bucks more.

ps when i was like 19 i was really stupid and applied to work at toys r us northgate. i interviewed in t shirt, jeans and a fitted. i didnt get the job :smh:
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my friend camped out for the austin, TX release...waited 30 hours in a tent. resold for only $200 on RELEASE DAY. profits were only hyped when pre-orders were still on ebay.

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