tranandco legit???

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They are legit. But most if not all Sneaker heads in LA can't stand him and his 20-30 man crew.
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and you just may have to file a paypal claim to even get him to send your shoes (took almost 4 weeks to get my shoes, sent me several different "tracking numbers" that had no record w USPS, likely delay tactic to try to skirt paypal's claim process) only when finally pressed by paypal did he send the shoes
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i dont like how 99.9999999999999% of the shoes he has on his site are all pre orders which wont ship for like 38473897489 dam months.


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Yeah... apparently dude takes pics from here and Marqueesole and puts them up on his ebay site and lists them all as pre orders not knowing if they release or not.

Then he sends his crew out to get what they can.... and I wonder.. how the heck is HE or his guys makin any money... by running up the cost? because who buys them at the absurd prices he sells them for?

Oh well... we all do us... he is doing him...

I cant call it... hell Ive been falsely accused of scammin a dude for kicks before and he's still allowed to post while getting me banned after 12 years on this site. I cant say if this dude has done anything wrong... but he's def got some weird ways...
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