Transferring over a phone contract

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Try to switch from sprint to verizon but I am not trying to pay that insane early termination fee. I found out you can have someone take over your existing contract so I am thinking about going that route. Anyone know of any good sites or had any positive and/or negative experiences?
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Good Luck ....

If for some reason your signal keeps dropping - you are not getting any signal in your main living space - military and a few others - there's nothing you are going to be able to do but pay the fee!

Why are trying to change?
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If the service where you are is terrible tell them you're gonna leave, they'll offer you an air rave (in home phone tower) or they should anyway.

It usually cost $99 and is a few bucks a month for service but play it right like I did and you'll get all of it for free.
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Yea they gave me an air rave for free and it works rather well at home, but my problem is that sprints coverage in my area is so bad that I cant get a signal in damn near any building I walk in.
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I did this not to long ago, had my sprint contract switched over to my cousins name.

There was 1 yr remaining on the contract and he decided he would take over.

Walked into a Sprint store and everything was done within minutes.

The hard part is finding someone willing to take over the account.

Make sure you switch everything over to the other persons name and not just let them take over.

This prevents any delinquencies from going in your name in case they stop paying.
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Have you tried Craigslist?

I would think people would be happy to take over your contract if you were offering a top tier phone that's in good condition for free or at a low price.

You can make the transfer at a store or via a three-way call.
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