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I've had these True-Blues since '01, DS since release day (got another pair that I rock)
On the right shoe, the tumbled leather is regular tumbled leather... but on the left shoe the tumbled leather is like extra tumbled X2

right shoe feels like butter, left shoe feels literally like elephant skin 
 it looks like it's smooth leather, but it's not... it's really rough

I was wondering does anybody else have this problem? or is it just me? 

I bought two pairs back in 2001 and I saw that this pair was unique because of the difference in the leather so I wore the other pair instead and kept these DS.

You can clearly tell the differences in the leather texture from this picture.

Bigger picture here: http://i53.tinypic.com/5wazgg.jpg

Right shoe

Bigger picture here: http://oi53.tinypic.com/2yukh1l.jpg

Left shoe

Bigger picture here: http://i53.tinypic.com/15wjkfs.jpg
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Because left and right shoe are made from different line
Despite being made in the same factory and
Mostly simultaneously. But the materials they use
Are cut from different leather piece.
This has been an issue at nike even in
The early 1990's.
So no need to blame jb or chinese factories
In this issue
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Ditto^^^ its crazy to me that the leather can be completely different on a pair of shoes.... It irritates me that one shoe will crease a lot worse than the other cause of this...
Joined Apr 1, 2008
That is completely normal for nearly all athletic shoes made before 2004. Even $300 dress shoes crease unevenly.

It seems so many people complained about how natural leather creases that JB adressed the issue by releasing most newer releases with plastic coated leather. The same thing goes for the painted midsoles on Jordans III and IV. People constantly complained about how these midsoles were  impossible to  clean, so JB gave us shoes that are easy to clean but crack relativley easily.

Enjoy your quality leather even though it creases easier and unevenly it is far more comfortable on the foot. I have found this leather is also easier to remove creases from.
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Leather like that creases better over the long run than more synthetic leather. That's just how it is.
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