Twolves sign Cardinal for rest of season after dropping 19 of last 20 VOL. new low?

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First of all let me say that I'm a fan, but if youre trying to tank a season for draft position is john wall really the pick youre hoping for with flynn and sessions on the roster, and rubio on the back burner? is there any light at the end of the tunnel here?
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Only if they get turner at 2. Maybe W. johnson. I see them getting screwed and ending up with cousins at 5.
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You take the best player available period. Rubio means nothing either, he's a trade chip in your back pocket. If Wall is sitting there for the Wolves to take they will gladly take him, get 10 all star seasons out of him, and not care about the draft that year before. That's the nature of the NBA. But several GMs over think themselves, or try to cover for previous mistakes, or try to play "fantasy basketball" and screw it up.

Because this is the Twolves though they do not need to likely worry about this. They will probably get the 5th pick or something.

The Wolves have been in the lottery 12 times. They have never once moved up from their slotted position and have never picked higher than #3. That unbelievable stat is reason number one why this franchise has gone no where thus far. It's not the GM moves, the coaching moves, bad ownership, etc. It's the lottery luck.

These are things that keep me up at night as a Wolves fan when you think of the fact that a team like the San Antonio Spurs has made the playoffs 20 of the last 21 seasons and the one season they did not they land the #1 pick and gift-wrapped Tim Duncan.
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