u guys ball in New Balance BB kicks?

Jun 14, 2006
how they fit? i see a pair of BB8005 at marshalls for 20 bucks they look and fit nice. just wondering how they are on the court.
I picked up a pair of NB888 about 4 months ago and theyare great. They fit a little wide, but they come in widths, so that may only be me. I bought a 10.5d, same size as AZK1's, and they were still a litlle wide. The cushioning feels like adiprene+, not very responsive but good for court feel and great impact protection. For $20, I would have already got them.
I got some BB902's.

The cushioning in those is very different from Zoom Air. I barely broke them in, but they're pretty firm and responsiveness. Just not cushy like Zoom Air is. They're top notch shoes though, fit well and traction is excellent. If I had to choose though I'd go with Zoom because I feel like I can play for longer periods of time more comfortably.
got a pair of New Balance BB901 from big 5 for like $30 and they are extremely comfortable. i like to use them for work. like duke4005 said, they fit a little wide, not too sure if the pair i have comes in widths though, can't remember....anyways, i really like the shoes comfort and price, and the design isn't bad either. here's a pic:
New Balance BB901

PRICE: $95

IN A NUTSHELL: Roll-Royce luxury and performance at a Chevrolet price.

KEY TECH: N-ergy S.C. System (heel), Abzorb SBS (forefoot), dual-rubber outsole (combines solid rubber for durability and blown rubber for added cushioning), full-length Abzorb sockliner, Stability Web midfoot support structure, ultra-dense memory foam around ankle

USE/POSITION: Hoops, indoor & out/All



PROS: Stiffness of upper means it can start out feeling a bit roomy, but both comfort and fit are excellent once the shoe is broken in; excellent impact protection front and rear with a wonderfully dense feel underfoot; great support over, around and under the midfoot; firm midsole and solid heel counter combine to deliver confidence inspiring stability; ultra-dense memory foam backing ankle feels great and enhances both heel fit and ankle support; excellent traction on black colorway; shoe feels bulletproof it should hold up very well over time; a lot of shoe for the money

CONS: Upper starts out stiff; traction on white-based colorways is very good on clean courts, but just okay on less than pristine surfaces
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new balance makes solid performance shoes. at $20 you can't go wrong.

I picked up a pair of BB6500 for 20 at marshalls. they are pretty nice, but not mind blowing. But I hadn't balled in NB since buying some Worthy mids for half price ($37) at Sportmart back in 1987. So I was itchin for a pair.
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what about the BB8025 with the Zip technology, kinda looks like Shox and a3 type of stuff. could be good, if u guys read the Profs' review on this, please post a summary. he did a review on this back when he did the review for all those 28 kix with the LBJIV i think
ive seen a couple people at the UCF rec play in NBs, no big deal, just average player
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