Ugly God - The BOOTY Tape [August 4th]

Jun 1, 2011
Brace yourselves for Ugly God. I like his beats, and he a funny dude.


1. “Welcome to the Booty Tape” (prod. by Ugly God)
2. “Stop Smoking Black & Milds” (prod. by Ugly God)
3. “I’m a Nasty ***” (prod. by Ugly God)
4. “I’m Tryna ****” (prod. by Ugly God)
5. “**** Ugly God” (Ugly God Diss) [prod. by PARISVVS]
6. “No Lies” Feat. Wiz Khalifa
7. “*****!” (prod. by Ugly God)
8. “LDC (Little **** Clique)” [prod. by Ugly God]
9. “Like a Maverick” (prod. by HM Surf)
10.“Water” (prod. by Ugly God & Danny Wolf)

can't believe this guy is a thing.

but then again after lil b i shouldn't be surprised with anyone
I give pretty much everything in hip hop a chance so I'll listen when it drop
She said boi im on my period i said i dont give no fuxk.

***** yo house got roaches i aint going ***** i cant
Last time we spoke i smelled your breath it made me faint!!

Too manu quotables on the whole tape.
Dude is hilarious. Beats are decent too.

I make your b say ughh
I put my hand on her butt
She said boy, I'm on my period
I said I don't give no f--k
All I said was I'm Ugly God
Now her p----y wet like a duck

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Like a Maverick. Let it play at the gym while putting up shots, dare I say, not bad...esp Like a Maverick.....smh
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