ULTIMATE Guard Shoe :)/

Jan 14, 2006
What is the current ultimate guard shoe for yourself and your game. Everybody plays a different style, therefore one's opinions and reviews may not be suitable for another player.

So I decided to piece together some of my favourite performance guard shoes.

The Kicksology Reviews

The following are not placed in order:

1) Flightposite I
2) Ultraposite
3) Zoom GP I
4) Zoom GP II
5) Zoom BB Low
6) OG Jordan XIV Low
7) Ultraflight
8 ) Shox Stunner
9) Zoom Kobe II W.O.W.
10) Zoom Lebron IV
11) OG Adidas Crazy 1/ KB1
12) Air Zoom Huarache 2k4
13) Air Zoom Huarache 2k5
14) Zoom Kobe I
15) Jet Flight
16) Zoom Drive
17) Zoom Uptempo Stutter Step Nash

The following two, i'm unfamiliar with, so i can't put much down on it:

T-MAC III (is there a low version for this?)
OG Reebok Answer IV (was there a low version for the OGs?)
Anybody willing to ID Kobe II, and then send them to Canada?, PM me for fee​
not in any order:

1. Zoom Kobe 2
2. Zoom BB
3. Zoom Kobe 1
4. Huarache 2K4
5. Huarache 2K5
love is taking the air less travelled.
Do you own a pair of BB Lows already?

I like Converse Wades, Turbines and Jordan XIV's.

XII Lows are alright, XVIII Lows are good too. 2K4's are a little too firm for me and 2K5's don't have the greatest traction.

After trying on Kobe II's, I know I would love them for ball, but I don't want to spend $ for them. And I want to try out Gil Zeros too.
Kobe II's...Hands Down
Wanted: DS Size 10

Fire Red III ( )
Blackcat IV ( )
Last Shot XIV ( )
Blue Avenger Dunks ( )
OG Reebok Answer IV

Dude yes there iz a low version of these and they are good for balling.But hey if u can find a pair get at me2 cuz ive been searching for a good while already.
Originally Posted by Ziostilon

DeezyVSOP: Do you own a pair of BB Lows already?

nope, just assuming that since the Zoom BB were good, the lows can't be that far away, except for the ankle support
Anybody willing to ID Kobe II, and then send them to Canada?, PM me for fee

I've played in both the BB lows and mids and prefer the mids hands down. Though they both perform similarly, the mids have the perfect balance of alow back and high front and side to give decent ankle support w/out being the restrictive for good lateral movement. The lows loses this feature which i feelmakes it inferior to the mids specially in regards to playing good D. Still, the lows make a damn good casual shoe - its just way to pretty to leave in thecloset
yup all time best guard shoe Is the Zoom Turbine. Just wicked grip, perfect cushioning, fits like a sock (tongue at the rear was genius) and lighter than anyother shoe in my closet. Close second would be the BB low and the Gil zero. I'd put the XX1 low on there also. And the relativly underrated VC1 low (thoughIm not a fan of shox). Ive always preferred to ball in lows probably because my original sport was soccer. Still choked that I passed on the Zoom drive acouple years back for a pair of Griffey's.
Forgot about the And 1 Tai Chi's. Still wear my black/red lows every now and then. Also one of the lightest shoes I've ever played in.
Zoom BB Low. At least in terms of what is generally considered a 'guard shoe'.

VC2 is the ultimate shoe, regardless of position.
10) Zoom Lebron IV
12) Air Zoom Huarache 2k4

i get that it's your personal list but boy would the 2k4 not ever be below the lbj iv on my list.

nor would it be anywhere close.

lbj iv is terrible.
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