Umich Football tickets

Jul 4, 2002
anyone buy them already?

I was wondering if anyone knows what happens if we lie about credit hours. I really got screwed because I have 84 credits after this semester
I got mine. Two sets actually :wink:

They actually check your credit hours. Last year we tried to add a friend of mine to our seating group that transfered in after playing ball at a small D3 school and they turned him down. They said he didnt have enough credits to sit with our group. Meaning that transfer credits dont "count" per say for seating priority.

If anyone wants to purchase home season tickets off me in junior level seating drop me a PM. Seats will most likely be in rows 30-40.
*never went to michigan*

*goes to at least 4 home games a year*

*scammed his way into mi/osu 05 in student section*

I can't wait until Michigan vs. EASTERN MICHIGAN

i love michigan football, being from ann arbor, but graduated from EMU...i learned last time the eagles went to the big house...that there is NOTHING MORE FUN than being the BAD GUY in michigan stadium lol

i'm gonna be a straight up villian that saturday
WANTED: SPLATTER DUNK LOWS...11.5...i really mean it.
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