under any circumstances are OG powder 9s worth 600$


Nov 12, 2007
What up niketalk i was on ebay looking for some powder 9s and i found them for 825 shipped but the guy said he wants 600 shipped and he will let them go todaythey're DS and come with the original box paper etc... i peronally think there to high but i wanted your guys opinion on these if i should pass or if its agood deal. by the way the size is 10.5.thanks in advance
the price for some well kept ds og 9s with no seperation or cracking and looks to be a wearable pair is up there in the 500-700 $ range , but i wouldnt paythat much for them ( thats why i probably dont have them ) id only pay that much for chi's x's
price is about right, its up to you...how bad do you need them in your collection........ me...i wouldnt, not for IXs
$600 is a good deal but I'd rather pay $600 for Mint, DS, and ICY Infared VI's with no cracking than the IX's IMO anyday
dats too much for me, but its really up to you if you wanna spend dat much money on da ix's
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