Underwear: To rock or not to rock?


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For starters, I understand why women wear underwear. They wear skirts, dresses, and it's generally bad policy for females to have themselves exposed in that way. Plus, if that time of the month gets messy, it def wouldn't be a good look...

But what about us males? Is there a legitimate reason as to why men should wear underwear, beyond it just being a habit? I understand for kids it's a good tool to keep them from getting their jeans/shorts messy after the bathroom, but for guys with good hygiene and know how to properly wipe, are there any advantages?  So far in my adult life, my experiences have only shown underwear to be a disadvantage, from underwear lint (double streaming gets risky,) to just being a minor expense when they rip/start getting raggedy.

Are there any NTers that have sworn off underwear entirely?

Why do men wear underwear?
Do you wear underwear? Why?

Spoiler [+]
I'm doing a week of that commando life, and it #feelsgoodman

And I'm 100% serious.
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To me underwear is a must..don't see why you wouldn't wear it. As long as you have the right kind and fit it's comfortable so why not
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Well I get like 50 boners a day walking around campus

If it weren't for my underwear, I'd be in jail for indecent exposure by now.
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Just wait until you get caught in your zipper.

Fear the zipper; it will destroy you when you least expect it.
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When your #+# gets sweaty (pause) you want that #+# sweat on your draws or on your jeans.

Also the zipper issue. You want your johnson rubbing on the zipper b? Nah cuh.
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If everyone else on NT does it will it make you feel better?
If I ever date a man and he's not wearing underwear he can just "stop right there"
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I remember I read a ? in GQ about samething. GQ dude said it doesn't matter how many times you shake it, you will always have a leak. I wear underwear cause i dont want seams to be itching my crack or balls, thats why boxers and briefs are always cut in different patterns.
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You want that zipper on your junk? [seinfeld]Thats one place I dont need sharp interlocking teeth[/seinfeld]
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Originally Posted by adiosburritos

do you not play sports or work out kid?
Seriously.  Sometimes even with boxer briefs it starts chafing. No idea how/why anyone would do any cardio/sports commando or even with boxers with everything flapping around.  Under Armor/compression shorts FTW!
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I freeball in sweats and bball shorts sometimes when jumps come through. Briefs most of the time, boxers in looser fitting shorts and jeans/pants. Zippers are scary.
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