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Oct 26, 2006
We will be opening at 12 noon

We shall have a few surprises up in store

Hufquakes, fujiwara polka dots, spizikes, J 3 4 5, are just some examples

Also the UNDFTD X FRUITION TEE will be in stock!


Im from NJ but was out there for the WSA show and went to Laced which I didnt think was that great. They told me and my buddy that Undefeated was having their grand opening, hopped over there and waited in line for about 45 minutes. Real cool dudes in there, very helpful, let you try on as many pairs as you wanted, good prices. I copped the Spizikes, olympic VII's, and a stussy undefeated shirt for $420
Didn't get to make it out to the grand opening.. stupid work.
Went in there the other day tho.. awesome looking place.. and Chris (owner?) was a cool dude. had a wide variety of shoes for sale with good prices nothing ridiculous. Tons of hats available.. regular UNDFTD logo hats and the Play Dirty hats. Few shirts/hoodies available but all good stuff.
DOPE! so is this the official LV update thread? do you have anything planned for feb 16 - 18? any new releases that weekend? Iamma check LV all star weekend.
I went on opening day with my wife...I was the guy wearing the Green Ice Creams holding up the back of the line...Anyway I picked up the questions and a hat and I plan on going back this week to get some more goodies....love the place and the way it looks it's def going to be a weekly stop for me from now on...
**WANTED** BROWN PINK ICE CREAMS Size 10.5, 11, 11.5....$1,200
Yo vegetaray246, is there any J's worth buying, I dont wanna waste my time drive over and having a boo boo face when I walk in.........
Mallen, I was there a week ago and they had black V's, black Spiz'ikes, Olympic VII's, Black patent 1's, and then a glass case with white/cement retro 3's, black/cement retro IV's and white/cement, a couple pairs of XI's high and low. They are for sale just not sure of the prices.
I was there yesterday and the only J's outside of the glass case were Olympic 7's, Burgundy 5's and Black V's.
So far I've been there twice. Picked up LA Dunks and XI I.E. Lows for under $200. Great store.
any word on any special releases or anything going on at UNDFTD for the all-star game? I could use some more UNDFTD collabo shirts
^^^pm'd you.

i wish i could be there there!!! can someone help me out w/ the spaulding bball they're releasing? pm me please...oh and there's an undr crwn x undftd shirt out too.
Here is some pics of the Sheed visit today...Thanks alot Chris...Very organized from the UNDFTD Staff...Great stuff...



Sheed wore these...

Here is what I walked away with...

Ended up with a signature on each shoe...the box...and a tee shirt...
BROWNPINK ICE CREAMS Size 10.5, 11, 11.5....$1,200
are the spaulding ball still available? can someone help me out if they are? pm me please...thanks
yeaaaaaa went there this weekend AFTER the Sheed signing and picked up the Tark the Shark UNDFTD x UNDRCRWN shirt. i love it. Many undftd hats if anyone is interested in me picking them up anything let me know.
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