Uneven nails?


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does anybody know what/why the white part on nails are uneven? on the tip on the fingernail that hangs

for some reason mine are long/uneven so it makes my fingernails look longer than it is so even if i clip em

they seem unclipped even if they dont go past my finger

i tried clippin it all off and it just looks awkward short like i clipped too far and grows back the same and i tried letting it grow out than it looks worse

any1 know how to fix this or what this is

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This is funny to me because I just clipped my nails.

Mine are like this too, so you just have to clip them as low as the highest part of your skin is. Clip them in a even line to avoid cuttin your skin, and if they still look weird, just cut them along the lines of how your skin grows.


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 true story i seen the video on youtube
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Just like we are all different in size and shape, so are your fingers. You probably just have deepset hyponychiums (area where it transfers from the translucent nail to the white portion of the free margin side). Because of that, the distal groove in your nails is most likely always going to have your nails come out that way. However, I've seen instances where someone lost their nail and it came back differently...
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