Universal Halloween Night - Florida Residents Discount????

Aug 1, 2005
I was curious to see who has been to the halloween horror nights yet. My brother lives in winter park going to full sail. And was trying to go to this when i visit him in 2 weeks. My question is, because he lives there he has the code to get the florida resident discount tickets. If i use that code for my ticket, do they ask for id when entering to prove that you are a florida resident or is it pretty laid back.

...went last weekend and was a waste of time!!!!

also, they do ask for FL ID card or driver's liscense at gate to get discount.

IMO.....just go down there and have a good time around Church Street and Wall Street!!!
^Just buy them online and type in a Florida city and zip code.
I'm going this weekend.
israel Chai.
that is what my plan was to buy the tickets in advance online using the discount code. My question is when trying to enter the park with already having the tickets, are they going to harass me about an id.

Hm, i doubt it... The tickets have been paid for ya know.. if they ask for ID and you dont have, what are they gonna do? Ask you for more money?
israel Chai.
plus i figure i can tell them i'm a student and i forgot my student id... whatever... cool thanks for the help guys
..doesn't matter if it's paid for up front. They ask for FL id at the counter. If ya don't have it, they charge the difference. Trust me.....saw it this past weekend.
..also, you get a paper copy that has to be turned in for the tickets.

not tryin to spoil yer fun....just makin sure u know what's up.
Thanks guys... going to bail on it...without a chick to laugh at getting all scared whats the point. I'm going to go to the preseason game for the magic.... anyone else going.
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