Update: J-Hood still not off D-Block SMH/ Styles P Speaks

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Former D-Block crew member J-Hood, who recently asked to be released from his contract with the Yonkers, NY based group, is now saying that the LOX have failed to honor his request. In a statement released to XXLMag.com, Hood claims that D-Block management, which includes LOX members Sheek Louch, Jadakiss and Styles P, have refused to finalize the termination of their agreement. As all the majority of the fans out there know, I asked to be released from D-Block approximately three months ago and til this day Ive yet to be released from the label. The CEOs in charge of the corporation are refusing to sign the papers necessary for me to go free as an artist, and on top of that, they [have] even [threatened] to ask for money for the release.Sheek Louch said that D-Block would gladly release the young MC from his contract, citing the groups own legal issues with Sean Diddy Combs and Bad Boy Records. Now, Hood is likening his situation to that of his mentors. We all know they went threw a similar situation earlier in their careers, Hood said in his statement. Lets hope thats not what they have become, the biggest hypocrites.www.xxlmag.com/online/?p=15969 :smh:
D-Block just lookin like shady characters a bunch of mini Diddys

Styles P spoke to HipHopGame regarding J-Hoods situation at D-Block.
Fall the @#%$ back and come speak to us like a man before you go to the internet. Stop being corny. I told him he was off the label and then he went and got disrespectful by dragging the chain and disrespecting what we built. I told him then I wished him the best. Why the @#%$ should I let him off? Tell him to tell me why. He was off before he did the dumb sh-t. He can get off if he makes a public apology on the internet. Make that apology nice and humblewww.hiphopgame.com/news.php3?id=2010 :smokin

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Why don't we wait and see what the other side of the story is before we start using all the emoticons.
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not suprised..he shouldnt of been runnin his mouth until he got that release..what did he really expect..
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Why don't we wait and see what the other side of the story is before we start using all the emoticons.[hr][/hr]
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Why don't we wait and see what the other side of the story is before we start using all the emoticons.[hr][/hr]
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dude hasnt lived up to the hype of his initial monday nite mixtape freestyle where he dropped that bulletproof hoody line....

other than that dude just isn't really that hard.

in the dictionary it say see (also) un kasa
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^^^ wasnt that in a skit on kiss the game goodbye? anyways id like to hear the other side of the story...
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Styles said he gotta make a humble apology :smh:
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why is Styles acting like he can release him, i thought Sheek was in control of all the paper work.

and he said "He was off before he did the dumb @#%$." so they secretly RE-SIGNED him after that? im confused.
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I'm sure they was just in the process and then they tryin to mess wit him now. He did it too himself tryin to use the chain and the 50 move to be cool. Ohh well no matter how nice he is, (cause he is) he won't sell a record. And why would u wanna be on a skit that makes u look like a fool? I guess it was just a skit then and a reality now
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J-Hood was always kinda wack anyways.
Sounds like he's whining evrytime he raps.
I'm sure they wont miss him.
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Yeah theyre just tryna add insult to injury at this point. Playin wit him the same way puff did them too though because he was annoyed wit them. But these are "hood" ninjas so you couldn't expect them to handle things in a professional logical way could you? lol
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I personally don't care.... \
Jadakiss signed to Rocafella records though.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]dude hasnt lived up to the hype of his initial monday nite mixtape freestyle where he dropped that bulletproof hoody line....[hr][/hr]
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Styles & nem doin @#%$ like Big Red off 5 heartbeats

"Apologize @#%$ and make it a humble one"

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I don't know why they don't just let him go. Dude is under pressure & needs to make some sort of move to make money. People act all sorts of ways when they under pressure & they feel like dudes are not holding you down. Son has a mother & disabled sibling to support. What is he supposed to do??? Let dude breath & keep it moving. Public apology??? Dead that self inflated ego & let the young dude do what is necessary for him & his.
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