Update on the LFL (Lingerie Football League) - Who Will Watch This Year? - (Yes, PICS... Lots)

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Some facts. This will be a league played over 20 weeks with ten teams from across the country each so-named to suggest that punters who buy a ticket will not only get a game of football for their money but will probably get laid too. It has sold TV distribution rights too, so if, for instance, you become a fan of San Diego Seduction or Dallas Desire, you can get updates, footage etc. from channels served by Fox Mobile Distribution.

PIX News asked Melissa Teixeira if it's weird playing football in her underwear, to which she replied, "Not really, I've been out in my underwear in public before."

Get your mind out of the gutter boys, Melissa is also a model who has done underwear shoots on location on public streets.

Unlike Monday night football, LFL games will be played on Friday nights, in the fall and winter. The New York Majesty will play its home games at the Nassau Coliseum.
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Dallas Desire

Chicago Bliss

Los Angeles Temptation

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Will there be a Fantasy Lingerie League?

And I wish I could be the trainer for some of these chicks.
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The only reason that I want to see one woman tackling another woman is if they're going to make out immediately thereafter.

Getting back up and doing it again? Not entertaining.

Unless there's a rule stating that there must be congratulatory slap on the !%# after every play. Then maybe.
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